Yorkville Lumber

Our history dates all the way back to 1986, when Nicholson Logging & Lumber first opened for business. We are known for recycling wood products in the local Yorkville area, using our logging skills to harvest high quality wood to reuse in the creation of other products. Our custom made wood products range from flooring to trim and decks to furniture.

Nicholson Logging & Timber is a licensed timber buyer that provides services such as tree removal, harvesting, and reclaiming barn beams for custom products. We sell firewood as well. The carpenters, loggers, and staff members are equipped to assist each individual with their specific woodworking requests. Our craftsmen take great pride in their work, and are eager to get started on new creations built from our own lumber.

Each craftsmen who works for Nicholson Logging & Timber has their own unique style for a range of products that can be created from our recycled wood. They can create wood flooring, fireplace mantels, decks, shelving, cabinets, and so much more. The custom pieces that come through our workshop sets us apart from other logging and lumber companies in surrounding areas. We have incredible attention to detail that produces gorgeous wood furnishings for home and business use in Yorkville or nearby cities.